Toni Gattone Honored With the 2021 Gold Medal Award for Public Speaking

Toni Gattone

Toni Gattone, a nationally known speaker and inspirational author, has won the 2021 Gold Medal of Achievement from GardenComm for her flagship seminar, You Can Garden for Life, which serves seniors and gardening enthusiasts of all ages.

The 2021 Media Awards were announced by GardenComm, an international association of garden communicators. This prestigious award recognizes individuals and businesses who achieve the highest levels of talent and professionalism in garden communications. The 2021 competition had more than 135 entries in 62 categories. 

"The GardenComm Media Awards showcase the writers, speakers, photographers, editors, publishers, and trade companies that have pursued excellence in gardening communication in print or electronic communications," says Becky Heath, past president of GardenComm. "The winners have been judged by industry experts and show significant distinction and exceptional work." 

Gattone's seminar, You Can Garden for Life, has been presented to thousands of gardeners across the country during the last seven years. She was inspired to develop the seminar due to her own chronic back pain, which was improved by applying adaptive gardening methods. Creating the talk was the catalyst to a deep dive into researching and understanding adaptive gardening, which opened the doors to Ms. Gattone's renaissance career as a speaker, author, and community builder. 

"I'm honored to have received this prestigious award," said Toni Gattone. "My goal is to provide best practices and techniques for adapting any garden to create greater ease, comfort, and safety when gardening." 

Ms. Gattone is passionate about connecting with people who are building adaptive resilience through their love of gardening. At age 71, she became a published author with her book, The Lifelong Gardener, Garden with Ease and Joy at Any Age. Published by Timber Press in 2019, the book is written for gardeners determined to not have their physical limitations hold them back from pursuing their passion and interests. 

At 73, Ms. Gattone focuses her time, experience, and attention on her "encore career" of public speaking, writing magazine articles, and blogging for her 'Growing Resilience' community. She is developing two new seminars that will help gardeners adapt to drought and create fire-smart landscapes.

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Source: Toni Gattone, speaker, author