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CobraHead Weeder

The editors of Home, Garden and Homestead have released their annual Gifts for Gardeners holiday shopping list, which makes it easy to find the perfect gifts for gardeners and homeowners. This year's list includes everything from gardening tools to the perfect stocking stuffers. 

Here's what the HG&H editors have selected:

The Ultimate Weeding Tools

The CobraHead Weeder gets its name from the shape of the tempered steel blade of this weeding tool. The strength, shape and size of the blade is perfect for digging out tough weeds, cultivating soil and planting seeds. The bright blue handle is made from a mixture of wood fiber and recycled plastic, and it is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand. The handle is molded around the steel digging blade, so it never gets loose. There is also a CobraHead Mini — a smaller version of the original tool — available at cobrahead.com.

A Powerful Digging Auger 

Why dig holes for bulbs or transplants when you can drill them? A digging auger is a large drill bit that fits into an electric drill. Power Planter digging augers are available in a wide range of sizes. The bigger the auger, the bigger the hole it drills. Power Planter is an American company that's based on a family farm in Illinois. A digging auger from Power Planter makes an awesome gift for any gardener and anyone who loves using power tools.

Give the Gift of Garden Seeds

It's never too early to start dreaming of next spring's garden. The Basic Bounty Vegetable Collection, from Colorado-based Botanical Interests, contains nine packets of organic, non-GMO seeds that are sure to produce a tasty harvest of fresh vegetables. Included are Bush Glacier Bean, Marketmore Organic Cucumber, Glacier Bush Tomato, Salad Bowl Organic Lettuce Blend, and more. This bounty of seeds comes in a gift box with a decorative ribbon.

For flower lovers, there's the Bee Happy Seed Collection. The six packets of seeds in this gift will grow flowers that are guaranteed to attract bees. The bees will pollinate the flowers in this gift set (including Bee Balm, Hyssop Lavender, Shades of Blue Larkspur, and more). While they're at it, those bees will pollinate everything in the vegetable garden, too. This collection comes gift boxed from botanicalinterests.com

Insect Repellent Uses Natural Essential Oils 

It's no fun to be bugged by insect pests in the garden. A new, all-natural insect repellent from Para'Kito keeps pesky mosquitoes and ticks away. The active ingredients are natural essential oils that smell good to people, but not to insects. The spray is water and sweat resistant, and it provides effective protection for up to eight hours against mosquitoes and ticks. Para'Kito Insect Repellent contains almond oil and Vitamin E to help moisturize and comfort your skin. It's safe for children, pregnant women, and people with sensitive skin. Get this handy spray bottle from us.parakito.com.  

Garden Art Note Cards

Here's a gift for anyone who appreciates beautiful illustrations. When it's time to send a thoughtful Birthday, Thank You or Thinking of You card, it's nice to have a unique and colorful notecard. The Botanical Art Notecard Set contains six different notecards that feature lovely illustrations including a butterfly on dill flowers and ripe ears of multi-colored Glass Gem corn. These blank-on-the-inside greeting cards can be used for any occasion, making this set a lovely gift. The notecards are 4.5" by 6.25" and include envelopes. Available from botanicalinterests.com

Daily Advice from an Expert Gardener

Jessica Damiano's 2022 Day-by-Day Gardening Calendar is like having a personal garden coach who gives a helpful gardening tip every day of the year. Every gardener will benefit from the daily gardening advice, inspiration and reminders from Jessica Damiano, author of the syndicated "Garden Detective" column. This calendar also features a beautiful garden photo every month. Jessica's award-winning calendar can help anyone become a better gardener -- one day at a time. The tips and advice are tailored for USDA horticultural zones 6 and 7. But gardeners in warmer or colder zones can easily jump ahead or backwards to adjust for their local growing conditions. Visit jessicadamiano.com/2022-calendar

For even more gifts for gardeners ideas, visit homegardenandhomestead.com/gifts-for-gardeners-holiday-season/.

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